The Best Blender for Smoothies with Ice

making green smoothies

For the past year, I have been trying to convince myself to live a better lifestyle. I have been doing well to take care of my home but unfortunately, eating better and exercising has been a bit more difficult. This is the main reason that I decided to get the best blender for smoothies. I was hoping that this would hopefully give me the motivation to get started with making green smoothies. This would be the first step to eating better and providing my body with food that is genuinely good for it.

Now, if you haven’t bought a smoothie blender before then let me tell you, it isn’t as simple as it seems. Some people just decide on buying a kitchen appliance and just go out and buy it. However, I’m a little bit different because I try to get as much information as possible before I decide what to go for. Naturally, in this case, it meant looking at smoothie blender reviews for different models available.

So the real question that you guys are probably thinking is which blender was the best one after I read these reviews. I found a couple of things and I want to inform you of these. When it comes to buying the best blender for smoothies, everyone will have their own opinion. In most cases, this normally depends on how much a person can afford. This means that if you’re looking for a cheap smoothie blender then the best model will be one that costs less than 100 bucks. However, if you’re literally looking for the best performing blender to make smoothies then you will be willing to spend as much as you need to get your hands on the highest quality. Some people also aim to set their budget in between this level, as this means that they don’t get the most expensive smoothie blender or the cheapest one.

vitamin 5200 smoothie blenderFrom my research, if you’re looking for the very best smoothie blender then you only have one option and that is the Vitamix 5200. This is going to cost a premium price but it has the performance of something that you have never used. It is bound to be by far the most powerful blender you have touched. It certainly provides all the features and specs that will allow you to make delicious smoothies within no time at all. The good thing about this is that it comes with a 7-year warranty as well.

If you don’t really want to spend too much money then the Kitchen Aid Blender that comes with a 5-speed setting is going to be the best blender for smoothies for you. This will be the opposite to the Vitamix when it comes to performance. This means that when you’re making green smoothies that are full of fruits and vegetables, you can expect some solid chunks in your glass. This is going to occur because the blender won’t be powerful enough to crush everything to perfection. However, it’s going to be extremely affordable and that will be the only thing that is going to matter for some people.

The last option you will have is to look for the best blender for smoothies in the mid-price range. This is the budget that I was targeting because I was willing to spend a little bit more to get decent performance but not to the extent that I had to spend 500 bucks. After checking lots of reviews and doing plenty of comparisons, I concluded that the best smoothie blender within this price range was the Oster Versa Professional Blender. Believe it or not, despite being a lot cheaper (it will cost you just over 200 bucks), this smoothie blender came very close to the Vitamix 5200 as far as the power is concerned. It is going to crush some incredibly solid foods like nuts quite well. On top of that it is quite a small blender so it will definitely save a lot of space on your kitchen counter. Everything about this blender is associated with high quality and it is made by a big brand as well. I just received it a few days ago and made my first proper green smoothie yesterday. So far I couldn’t be happier but only time will tell whether I’m successful at adopting a more healthy lifestyle.

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Unexpected Things that can be Cleaned in the Dishwasher

things to wash in the dishwasher

The dishwasher, a common kitchen appliance, cleans more than the dinner dishes. The dirty dish machine tackles many tedious cleaning jobs around the house.

Here are ten things you probably didn’t know your dishwasher could handle.

Exhaust Fan Filter

The filter covering the exhaust fan over the stove gets messy and gunky, accumulating oil buildup each time you cook. To keep your exhaust fan working smoothly, place the filter in your dishwasher each month or by the cleaning schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

Use a high-quality dishwasher detergent, known for its grease-cutting abilities, and run through a normal cycle at the hottest water temperature. The degreaser in the detergent along with the hot water dissolves the greasy gunk with little effort.

Kitchen Sponges

Most sponges are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria where they thrive and multiply. By placing sponges on the top rack and setting the machine to heat dry, you kill many of the bacteria and germs hiding inside the sponges.

Plastic Kids Toys

Kids spread germs and toys get nasty and dirty after several play sessions. Clean and sanitize toys for the next play sessions by running them through a normal cycle. Make sure the toys don’t have electrical pieces and components, or they might short out.

Dishes for Soaps and Holders for Toothbrushes

If you’ve recently looked inside the holes of the holder for your toothbrush, you probably noticed the gunky buildup at the bottom: It’s ugly, slimy, and gross. Same with the dish holding your soap, the bottom cakes with residue. Easily remove the gunk for these bathroom pieces by placing in the top dishwasher rack then running for a full cycle. Don’t put them in the bottom since these dishes are easy to break.

Pet Toys and Dishes

As with humans, pets want clean water and food dishes and clean toys. Run them through a dishwasher cycle to clean and sanitize. Before putting them in the dishwasher, check to see if it’s safe to do so. If you don’t want to wash them with the family dishes, run them through a separate cycle.

Scrubbing Brushes

You should sanitize scrubbing brushes the same as kitchen sponges to remove bacteria and germs. Place the brushes in the dishwasher to freshen and clean.


If your hairbrushes are plastic, you can wash them in your dishwasher. Remove the hair from the bristles to keep from clogging the filter and drain. Place brushes in the basket for utensils, anchoring them securely, and run on a full cycle.

Dish Drying Racks

Dish drying racks, like scrubbing brushes and sponges, breed bacteria and germs. Remove grime and buildup by placing the drying rack in the bottom dishwasher rack then running on a full cycle.

Glass Light Globes

Glass light globes, especially those near the kitchen, become gunky with dust, grease, and dirt. Let the light shine through by placing in the top dishwasher rack then running through a cycle. Be sure they are sitting securely to keep from breaking.

Cup Holders for the Car

Newer cars have cup holders that are removable. Keep them clean by putting holders in the top dishwasher rack then running through a cycle with other household dishes.

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This is Why you Should Never Delay Washing your Sheets

In most homes, cleaning occurs weekly. From mopping the floors to washing the dishes, it all needs to get done. But in some cases, life gets in the way and it doesn’t always happen as planned. A little known fact is that cleaning sheets is the most common step that gets skipped when a person is cleaning their home.

What Gets Left Behind

As a person sleeps, they tend to roll over several times during the night. It is then that their skin sheds itself of old pieces. It gets left behind on the sheets as well as various bodily fluids too. It is unsanitary to leave these things unattended for longer than a week. Washing sheets rids the fabric of these types of debris.

For females that wear makeup, it is hard to remove all of it even when the face is washed. And when she lays her head down on the pillow, it gets trapped in the fibers. It builds up every day that the bed is used and can cause additional blemishes on the face.

Skin Irritation

The more that dirt and debris come into contact with the skin, the more that the skin can become irritated. The human body sees it as a foreign substance and it will reject it. And as it sits on the surface of the healthy skin, it will cause redness and itching.

Getting Infected

If you already have open cuts or scratches, it can cause them to get infected and put the person at a more serious risk. The wounds should be cleaned daily and the linens should be changed and laundered.

Bed Bugs

When there is dead skin buildup within the bed and the mattress, it invites unwanted guests like bed bugs. Bed bugs are tiny creatures that cannot be seen with the naked eye. They will not be able to be felt by the skin either. The bed bugs live off of eating old dead skin that is left behind, causing them to thrive. Bed bugs will take over the bed if the sheets are not washed in a timely manner. Bed bugs also leave behind their own debris causing further damage.

Allergic Reactions

Dirt and debris in bed sheets can be breathed into the nose and it will cause an allergic reaction in most people. It will cause symptoms like; a runny nose, headaches, sneezing, and also itchy eyes. It can be worse in some cases leading to chronic symptoms. If a person has a respiratory illness, having dead skin, dirt, and debris that they are breathing in can cause irreversible damage. The only way to clear the unwanted substances is to wash them away in hot soapy water.

As you can see, it is very important to change and launder your bed sheets on a regular basis. When they are not, it will cause a wide array of problems that could make you sick or worsen a preexisting illness.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Used Tools

used tools worth buying

If you are someone that would like to start a new hobby like wood working or are planning on taking care of some repair work at home, there is a way to do that without it costing a fortune. Shopping at garage sales, trader’s villages, or online sites can be a great way to purchase second hand tools that the owner no longer needs. Here are a few tips for getting your best bang for your buck!

Lay Out a Plan

It will help if you establish a plan of action for yourself. Sit down and detail out on a piece of paper what you are thinking about accomplishing by adding the tools to your toolbox. If you will be doing yard work, you will want things like rakes, hoes, and shovels. If you are doing home repair then invest in screwdrivers, hammers, and nails. Having a plan will help get you what you will need, without buying extra things that you do not need.

Shop Around

Try not to buy the first item that you see. Scan the internet and stores for sale pricing that will save you money. If the items are being purchased second hand, then the pricing can vary greatly. Consider trying to barter for the best price point that you can get for yourself. If the tools are bought new, look for coupons on the popular couponing sites to help out.

Do Research

There are often many alternatives when it comes to pricey components. Try doing a search engine search only inexpensive alternatives that can be used. You just might find that you do not need the pricey saw when you can use a suitable alternative.

What to Look For

If you are buying the tools in person, make sure to check the overall condition of them. Look for things like frayed cords or bent plug ins. Those things should be considered in how they are priced and what you are willing to pay for the tool.


The manufacturer should matter as well. Some company’s offer a lifetime warranty for their products, which means that if problems occur down the road they will replace the tool free of charge. That covers a secondary owner as well. It doesn’t matter if you were not the one that purchased them new. You will not need the original receipt, but you might be asked to mail the broken tool into the company.

Buying second hand tools can be a great way to get started on a limited budget. It can work very well when you are a beginner that is starting a new hobby or wanting to do home repairs. Remember to check which manufacturer makes the tool and whether it comes with a lifetime warranty that will keep saving you money down the road. And if you are shopping in person, look for the overall quality of the product to ensure it is in good working order.

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These Cleaning Hacks will Damage your Home Items

When you have your own home, you need to be willing to work hard and spend a lot of time to ensure that everything is as clean as possible. Think about the last time, you had a stain on your carpet; I’m sure you started to panic and were thinking whether or not it could be removed.

carpet stain

To tell you the truth, this is exactly how you should react. However, a lot of people also tend to panic and do something to get rid of that stain or carry out a particular cleaning task right away. This is probably the wrong step to take and you should carefully evaluate everything before you take that step. Being hasty and carrying out something quickly can actually damage the very thing that you’re trying to clean. Let me give you a couple of examples of how this can occur.

A Carpet Stain

If you spill something on your carpet then it can be difficult to get out and this is the main reason that people panic. As a result of this, they try and clean it as soon as possible by throwing some carpet cleaning solution or even water on it. The next step usually involves rubbing the carpet with cloth in a bid to remove the stain. This isn’t the right way to go about it because it is likely that you are going to damage the fibers of your carpet. Moreover, some of this solution can move down the carpet fibers and gets stuck at the bottom. The best way to go about it is to be a little patient and use the right technique to clean out the spill. The blot technique is usually one effective way that is well known.

Using Vinegar on Literally Everything

This is a mistake that is commonly seen in a lot of households. The main thing to note is that a lot of people aren’t even aware that vinegar is a brilliant cleaning hack that has many great uses. However, the ones that are aware of this use it on literally everything. Unfortunately, this can have a damaging effect on some surfaces like stone and some appliances like an iron. Furthermore, vinegar also won’t work effectively if you have a very tough stain.


Bleach is another substance that is effective at a lot of cleaning tasks. However, once again, we tend to use it for a lot of unnecessary tasks like using it to clean a coffee machine. Bleach is a strong chemical so it is a really bad idea to put this through the machine in order to descale it. The worst thing is that a small volume might be left within the coffee machine and you might have it mixed in your morning cup of coffee. This is going to be hazardous so make sure you are aware of this before you carry out anything like this. Instead, why not put a little bit of vinegar through the machine. This will be perfect for descaling the machine and it is a natural substance as well.

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Make Sure you Don’t Put these Items in the Garage

The garage is a very important part of every home. If you don’t have one then you don’t know what you’re missing. Despite this, a lot of people actually use their garage in the worst way possible. They normally grab all the unnecessary things that they don’t use at home and throw them into their garage. This is the reason that most garages are full of random and useless things when you walk into them.

Ideally a garage should be organised and kept clean but most homeowners take the opposite approach. Unfortunately, none of us realize that keeping some things in the garage can be unsafe as well. Usually, we don’t have this knowledge and awareness and when we do, we tend to ignore it. So, if you’ve got a highly cluttered garage, look out for these items and remove them as soon as possible.

a messy garage

Propane Gas

This item is great for having at home especially when it is summer. This is because you’re going to need it for your barbecue smoker. However, most of us just throw this into the garage when we’re done with it even though it can be extremely dangerous to keep in the garage. This is because you can easily get a fire started if you’re starting your car or something similar. The fumes created could interact and lead to a fire. For this reason, keep your propane gas outside where there is plenty of air.

Electrical Devices

If you have any old electrical devices then it makes sense to put them in the garage because you don’t use them. However, some people throw these into the garage because they don’t have the space. A lot of us even plan on using them later or have stored these devices to sell or donate at a later date. However, you need to be aware that garages aren’t ventilated very well and while we’re comfortable in our home, there isn’t a heating or air conditioning system inside the garage. For this reason, these devices may be prone to damage due to extremes of temperature. As a result of this, it is best to get rid of these devices as soon as possible rather than storing them in the garage for too long.

Paper and Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes and paper is definitely the type of junk that is left in the garage when you no longer need it. However, this can create a huge problem for you because these things can attract pests. Make sure you get rid of these items as soon as possible regardless of whether you are recycling them or throwing them away. If you don’t do this right away, don’t be surprised to see mice making a home in your garage.


Paint is another common item seen in a home. This is because we tend to paint all over the house on a regular basis. However, when we’re done, we throw the excess paint into the garage so that we can use them later on. In reality, we never use this paint later on and to be honest, we almost always forget about it completely. If this paint is exposed to extremes of temperature, it will lose its function and damage your walls if you do use it later.

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Building a Chicken Coop Without any Fuss

Homesteading is not only a traditional part of the past, but it has also become a part of the future. And anyone that is looking to do so, will definitely need to know how to build a chicken coop from scratch.

What to Know

It is important to understand what the basic chicken coop is comprised of. There are two primary features which are the inside enclosure that and the outside enclosure. The indoor component is designed for the chickens to be safe and be able to sleep at night. The outdoor enclosure is designed for the chickens to be able to go outside and walk around in complete safety.

building a chicken coop

Where to Begin

The first aspect to think about is what size would be the optimal amount of space to use in order to house the chickens comfortably in their natural environment. An average chicken is under twelve inches in length, which means that if you double that size it will be acceptable. The exterior on the other hand, will need to be tripled for optimal use.

You will need to secure a strong base for the structure to sit on. The corner pieces should be firmly grounded in concrete holes. The flooring inside should be solid with venting to allow debris to fall through. On the outside there should be plenty of open air for improved health, but the open areas should be covered with ventilated chicken wire for their protection from any potential predators around.

The exterior ceiling should be lowered from the height of the roof-line. It will provide shade during heat and protection from the elements like snow or rain during cold periods of time. The roof line should be no lower than four feet and no higher than six feet tall.

In order to provide a way for the short-legged chickens to enter the coop, it is necessary to build a chicken run. A chicken run starts on the ground and gives a slow rise to the height of the chicken coop flooring. It usually has slats for resistance that the chicken’s claws can push off from.

There should also be a shelf type structure that is lined with yellow hay. It is a soft place for them to rest while they sleep as they are perched above the ground. It is also additional protection from predators that could stumble in below.

Extra Precautions

There is an extra precaution that should be considered when building on open farm land and not in the city. It is to think about any wild animals that could potentially dig under the base to get inside. Different animals like fox, raccoons, and coyotes are capable of digging bug enough holes to let themselves in and it caused the chickens to be vulnerable. Try digging a trench around the exterior base. It can be filled with concrete for extra security. It will decrease the possibility of other harmful animals getting in and killing the chickens.

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