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Make Sure you Don’t Put these Items in the Garage

The garage is a very important part of every home. If you don’t have one then you don’t know what you’re missing. Despite this, a lot of people actually use their garage in the worst way possible. They normally grab all the unnecessary things that they don’t use at home and throw them into their garage. This is the reason that most garages are full of random and useless things when you walk into them.

Ideally a garage should be organised and kept clean but most homeowners take the opposite approach. Unfortunately, none of us realize that keeping some things in the garage can be unsafe as well. Usually, we don’t have this knowledge and awareness and when we do, we tend to ignore it. So, if you’ve got a highly cluttered garage, look out for these items and remove them as soon as possible.

a messy garage

Propane Gas

This item is great for having at home especially when it is summer. This is because you’re going to need it for your barbecue smoker. However, most of us just throw this into the garage when we’re done with it even though it can be extremely dangerous to keep in the garage. This is because you can easily get a fire started if you’re starting your car or something similar. The fumes created could interact and lead to a fire. For this reason, keep your propane gas outside where there is plenty of air.

Electrical Devices

If you have any old electrical devices then it makes sense to put them in the garage because you don’t use them. However, some people throw these into the garage because they don’t have the space. A lot of us even plan on using them later or have stored these devices to sell or donate at a later date. However, you need to be aware that garages aren’t ventilated very well and while we’re comfortable in our home, there isn’t a heating or air conditioning system inside the garage. For this reason, these devices may be prone to damage due to extremes of temperature. As a result of this, it is best to get rid of these devices as soon as possible rather than storing them in the garage for too long.

Paper and Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes and paper is definitely the type of junk that is left in the garage when you no longer need it. However, this can create a huge problem for you because these things can attract pests. Make sure you get rid of these items as soon as possible regardless of whether you are recycling them or throwing them away. If you don’t do this right away, don’t be surprised to see mice making a home in your garage.


Paint is another common item seen in a home. This is because we tend to paint all over the house on a regular basis. However, when we’re done, we throw the excess paint into the garage so that we can use them later on. In reality, we never use this paint later on and to be honest, we almost always forget about it completely. If this paint is exposed to extremes of temperature, it will lose its function and damage your walls if you do use it later.

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