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Building a Chicken Coop Without any Fuss

Homesteading is not only a traditional part of the past, but it has also become a part of the future. And anyone that is looking to do so, will definitely need to know how to build a chicken coop from scratch.

What to Know

It is important to understand what the basic chicken coop is comprised of. There are two primary features which are the inside enclosure that and the outside enclosure. The indoor component is designed for the chickens to be safe and be able to sleep at night. The outdoor enclosure is designed for the chickens to be able to go outside and walk around in complete safety.

building a chicken coop

Where to Begin

The first aspect to think about is what size would be the optimal amount of space to use in order to house the chickens comfortably in their natural environment. An average chicken is under twelve inches in length, which means that if you double that size it will be acceptable. The exterior on the other hand, will need to be tripled for optimal use.

You will need to secure a strong base for the structure to sit on. The corner pieces should be firmly grounded in concrete holes. The flooring inside should be solid with venting to allow debris to fall through. On the outside there should be plenty of open air for improved health, but the open areas should be covered with ventilated chicken wire for their protection from any potential predators around.

The exterior ceiling should be lowered from the height of the roof-line. It will provide shade during heat and protection from the elements like snow or rain during cold periods of time. The roof line should be no lower than four feet and no higher than six feet tall.

In order to provide a way for the short-legged chickens to enter the coop, it is necessary to build a chicken run. A chicken run starts on the ground and gives a slow rise to the height of the chicken coop flooring. It usually has slats for resistance that the chicken’s claws can push off from.

There should also be a shelf type structure that is lined with yellow hay. It is a soft place for them to rest while they sleep as they are perched above the ground. It is also additional protection from predators that could stumble in below.

Extra Precautions

There is an extra precaution that should be considered when building on open farm land and not in the city. It is to think about any wild animals that could potentially dig under the base to get inside. Different animals like fox, raccoons, and coyotes are capable of digging bug enough holes to let themselves in and it caused the chickens to be vulnerable. Try digging a trench around the exterior base. It can be filled with concrete for extra security. It will decrease the possibility of other harmful animals getting in and killing the chickens.

Category: Outdoor Ideas